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Natural Gas Rate Adjustment

FPU is dedicated to providing economical natural gas service to our customers and nothing is more important to us than your safety. As a trusted partner in our service communities, we are in the process of replacing many of our aging gas mains and service lines in accordance with the Gas Replacement Infrastructure Program (GRIP) approved by the Public Service Commission in 2012.

As a result of this ongoing improvement project you will see new rates go into effect January 2017 to help recover the cost of this multi-million dollar project. This improvement to the gas system will provide value and peace-of-mind and ensure safe and reliable service well into the future.

For further information on how to read your bill, including a bill sample and definition of charges, click here.

Ways To Keep Bills Low

While rate increases are never welcomed news, there are several easy and effective steps you can take to reduce your energy bills. The following tools and resources are a great place to start

Take Advantage Of Energy Conservation Rebates.

Upgrading your home or business with natural gas is one of the best ways to reduce long-term energy costs, but it also requires an initial investment. Luckily, FPU offers rebates on a nice range of natural gas appliances and commercial equipment, helping you save in the beginning, as well as in the long run.
Energy Conservation Rebates

Schedule A Free Energy Check-Up.

A Free Energy Check-Up is a fast, easy way to find sources of energy waste in your home, and can help you save immediately. We also offer Free Online Energy Evaluations, which are available to both homes and businesses.
Schedule a Free Energy Check-Up

Learn A Few Simple Tips.

Visit Our Energy Experts page for quick tips, Q & As and other ideas that will help you save energy like a pro.
Learn from the Energy Experts

Find information on natural gas tariffs:

Natural Gas Tariff Information
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