Natural Gas

Frequently Asked Questions

Our top priority is to continue to provide safe and reliable energy with excellent customer service.

Can we get the convenience fee waved if we pay online?
FPUC – By enrolling in Online Bill Manager, our customers can pay their bill online with no fee. 

Do I still have to pay my current bill?
Yes, we do encourage our customers to continue making payments towards their account to avoid an excessively large bill in June.  we understand this is a difficult time for many of our customers. If you need assistance with paying your bill, please contact us for available payment options. 

Will we still be receiving monthly bills with the office closed?
Yes, your meter will still be read and usage will be invoiced according to your regular billing schedule. If you need assistance with paying your bill, please contact us for available payment options.  We are here to support our customers during this difficult time.     

How easy is it to use your online payment method?
 Visit our website and locate the “Account Center” on our main page or “Pay/Manage Account” tab at the top of the page under the Search field. Follow the prompts to set up an account profile. If at any anytime you have a question or would like assistance please call us and a Customer Care Representative will be happy to walk you through the set up process or provide you information about our other available options.

What happens if I have a gas emergency?
Our customer’s safety is our first priority. We will continue to respond to natural gas and carbon monoxide emergencies.  Our technicians will be taking extra precautions if they need to enter your home. Some examples of the extra precautions are, observing social distancing, not shaking hands, asking you or another member of your household to wait in another room while they are working. These precautions are taken in an overabundance of caution to ensure both your safety and the safety of our technicians. 

I was scheduled to have a meter upgrade/high bill investigation/new service connection/etc. When will the work be completed?
In the interest of safety, for our employees and customers, we are following emergency protocols which have lengthened our schedules. 

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